Haunted History Ghost Walks

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A   T     H   A   U   N   T   E   D     H   I   S   T   O   R   Y     G   H   O   S   T     W   A   L   K   S

Iroquois Supernatural is an excellent book! You and Michael Bastine have done a great service collicting this information and stories! Most great work. The book is a journey and really want to make the reader visit! It gives a true appreciation to New York, its original inhabitants, and the power of magic!
Luella B., Massa, Italy
I had the great pleasure of going on the Canalside Haunted History Ghost Walk. [The tour guide Gerry's] kindness and enthusiasm for people, history, and paranormal was immediately apparent...well informed, he was very thoughtful and worked hard to ensure that we had a good time. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone and everyone who so valued my opinions. I look forward to attending further walks and to purchasing some of your literature. Thank you for a very unforgettable evenin
Rachael H.
I hope to see Mason again - as a tour recipient, or as a student if he is teaching at one of the local colleges!
Frank F.
The consensus of opinion was that the ghost walk was fun and informative. Several of my colleagues spoke glowingly of the event! I thank you and I hope our paths will cross again.
Marsha S.
No one writes about WNY quite like Mason Winfield though. Really. Seriously. Hands down. A very gifted gentleman with a knack for lore
Fauna O.
I finished reading Village Ghosts and I will be buying more of what you have written. The stories are great and as I read them I wondered how does this man write so well, at the end of the book underneath your photograph I felt no wonder. You are a talent that I would like to someday listen to on Coast to Coast.
Greg L.
WOW Mason! We pull into our driveway and there is another huge crowd on your ghost walk. EXCELLENT!! Here's to another successfully spooky season for you! :)
Excellent job with Larry Norton this morning Mason! You are such an authority on the subject and always provide such interesting information and responses! It was fun listening to you! :)
Heidi P.
Had a most fantastic night! We braved the blusterous weather like champions. A very successful Pub Crawl with the brilliant tour guides Mason Winfield,Cassandra Butler, and Rob Lockhart!
Cat N.
We had such a great time at your ghost walk last night. Can't wait to try the one in Allentown next. :) The boys can't stop talking about it. :) (except when the Bills won, now we can't stop talking about THAT.) :)
Dawn B.
I was happy to spend a few hrs tonite with Good friends, Mason Winfield and Gerald Halligan at Lewiston for the Haunted History Ghost Walks, Mother nature kicked up her stilettos and gave us a great light show. she shortened our walk a great deal with the blowing rain. Mason continued to give his fantastic spin on the War of 1812. I just love to listen to him spin the tales and yarns into truth about our area chock full of history. If you are looking for something to do a little different then the norm check these guys out at HHGT... http://www.masonwinfield.com/GhostWalks.aspx or look just a tad deeper and find a Haunted pub Crawl
Joe D.
Thank you for your amazing ghost walk, not shure if you remember but I am the one who seen the bright light in the tree infront of the church :) hopefully doing another tour this year with you, had a great time, thanks agian :)
Vinny C.
Excellent Ghost Walk tonight! I really learned a lot! Went for coffee afterwards and couldn't stop talking about it...Thanks Mason!! Next up is Allentown....and maybe the Roycroft...can't wait! :-)
Jill R.
Home from the Spirit Way Project writer's group. So fun! So interesting. Mason Winfield is very generous to help people, such as myself, to become better writers.
Holly R.
Nice seeing you at the Dale Wednesday...we both enjoyed your lecture. Congrats on your latest book being published, look forward to reading it!
Susan L.
I've attended a couple of Mason's ghost walks, and a number of his lectures (in Lily Dale and in East Aurora) and he does a great job. He is always very entertaining and informative. Have you read any of his books? He has authored quite a few.
Cath Leslie B.