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The Spirit           Way Project

T   H   E     S   A   C   R   E   D   /   S   P   I   R   I   T   U   A   L     H   E   R   I   T   A   G   E

THE SPIRIT WAY PROJECT–formed in May 2008 by author Mason Winfield and Algonquin mystic & healer Michael Bastine–are a group of illuminated friends who assess, commemorate, teach, and preserve the alternative heritage of upstate New York. The sacred, the psychic, the spiritual, and the paranormal are our focus.

SWP are healers, ministers, dowsers, astrologers, readers, and mediums. We are teachers, authors, researchers, and preservationists. We are “out of the box” thinkers.

Our activities include the cutting-edge, such as cross-disciplinary study and analysis of sacred and haunted sites. They include the popular, such as storytelling and teaching. We host monthly writers and discussion groups, to which all are welcome, free of charge. Inclusion and involvement is our goal.

Each Monday nearest the full moon the Full Moon Monday Writers meet, usually moderated by Mason Winfield. Bring 5 copies of 1.5 pages of poetry or prose dedicated to mystical, spiritual, or supernatural subjects.

Paranormal Discussion Mondays, usually moderated by Mason Winfield, start out focusing on one paranormal topic. They go all over the chart after that.

For more information, call 716-655-6663 or Email: info@hauntedhistoryghostwalks.com