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Private Events
A   T     H   A   U   N   T   E   D     H   I   S   T   O   R   Y     G   H   O   S   T     W   A   L   K   S

We welcome private events -- ghost walks, pub crawls or tours for your group or organization.

We have custom-tailored our tours for many organizations and groups throughout Western new York. We will be happy to work with you to make your Fundraiser or event a success.

Ghost Walks and Haunted Pub Crawls are easily modified to vehicle tourism, and we have done many such events for coaches and carriages and more.

Please contact us for more information:
Haunted History Ghost Walks
at The Cornell Cooperative Building
On The Roycroft Campus
21 S. Grove St., East Aurora, NY
(716) 655-6663

Email: info@hauntedhistoryghostwalks.com

For previously arranged events...
To make your payment or deposit by credit card, you will have received an email from us with instructions.
Call us at 716-655-6663 or email