Haunted History Ghost Walks

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Ghost Walks!

  As long as people have talked together, there have been wonder-tales, including stories of ghosts. For fifteen years the ghost walks of Mason Winfield (author of nine books) have set the standard in upstate New York. Incorporated since 2004 as Haunted History Ghost Walks, these walking tours of haunted village sites are historic, informative, engaging, and even spellbinding. Mixed with the observations of local history and ghost stories are many eyewitness encounters. Marked by their eclectic blend of good scholarship, Native American tradition, an original paranormal philosophy, and superb storytelling,
Haunted History Ghost Walks are the originals in upstate New York.

We don’t talk to “spirits.” We don’t take their pictures, either. We are authors, researchers, scholars, and storytellers. We are paranormal profilers who try to make sense out of the big picture.

Stay tuned for events in your area -- and beyond!

Private tours can be arranged any time.
Storytelling sessions and Haunted Pub Crawls & Ghost Walks are ongoing in the Summer and Fall seasons.