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Our Team
A   T     H   A   U   N   T   E   D     H   I   S   T   O   R   Y     G   H   O   S   T     W   A   L   K   S
Mason Winfield
Founder, Tour Guide
“Supernatural historian” Mason Winfield studied English and Classics at Denison University and has a master’s degree in English literature from Boston College. He has written or edited ten books on upstate supernatural folklore, the War of 1812, and the traditions of the six Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) nations. The founder of Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc., a walking tour/lecturing outfit, Mason meets thousands of people a year on his talks and tours. The former chairman of the English Department at The Gow School in South Wales, NY, Mason was ranked several times among Buffalo’s top ten tennis players and won a number of cross country ski races, including a 55K marathon. He has a special fondness for Celtic tradition and folklore and a deep interest in cultural, historic, and architectural preservation in New York State.
Rob Lockhart
Tour Guide
Author and researcher Robert Lockhart is a Senior Tour Guide for Haunted History Ghost Walks Inc. He has been with HHGW for eight years, leading various events of “haunted” tourism–including walking and limo tours–and speaking at conferences and lectures. One of the most authentic and personable people you will ever meet, Rob is also knowledgeable. Like all veteran HHGW tour guides, he could lead a bus ride on almost any road or route in Western New York and have plenty to say about the haunted history of its region. Rob is also a writer who coauthored Haunted Rochester (The History Press, 2008) and contributed to Ghosts of 1812 (Western New York Wares, 2009). Rob has made a special study of Western New York's most plagued haunted cemetery, the dreaded Goodleberg (Town of Wales) and has to be considered the subject's most authoritative voice. A polished media guest, Rob has appeared on programs including WECK 1230 AM's premier paranormal show “The Edge of the Unknown” and the international online Paranormal-X radio show “The Black Cat Lounge.” Rob is exposed to the terminology, history, and philosophy of parapsychology, and is one of the few people in the ghost-business able to talk sensibly about this difficult and challenging field. Rob is a founding member of The Spirit Way Project, a group dedicated to the preservation of all things spiritual and sacred in Western New York.
Gerry Halligan
Tour Guide, Marketing
With a three decade career in special education for the Buffalo Public School system, Gerald Halligan has been a student of Eastern philosophy and martial arts. Following his retirement from teaching, Halligan renewed a life-long friendship with the founder of HHGW along with an apprenticeship to learn the skills to lead historical ghost walks in the city of his birth. With a realization that literary skills could only enhance a tour guide's repertoire, Halligan followed his mentor's lead and worked to attain the goal of being published. This was accomplished with works about the city of Lackawanna through Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series in 2011, and more completed projects. To compliment his on-going training in jujutsu, Halligan is a distributor of energetic restorative products for Nikken

Joel Dombrowski
Tour Guide
Haunted History Ghost Walks Tour Guide Partner Joel Dombrowski believes everybody has a story to tell—especially the dead! A Buffalo native, Joel graduated from the Newhouse School of Syracuse University and started his storytelling career in the newsroom of the local CBS television affiliate. Since his days as a news producer, he's had diverse experience, all with the general goal of reaching the public. He's worked on a reality based TV pilot. He's been the creative director of an ad agency, a stand-up comic, and a corporate marketing director. He enjoys having abandoned the corporate world to pursue his passion of blending history, comedy and his love of the Buffalo Niagara Region with his tour company www.buffalohistorytours.com. Over the past ten years, Joel’s passion for local history led him to start his own historic touring company, Niagara Falls Walking Tours. When he is not telling stories on tours, Joel is telling them to his wife and four children in their home in Clarence Center, NY.
Lurana Reed
Office Manager
How did we ever get Office Manager Lurana Reed? What made us worthy? A graduate of Katharine Gibbs Liberal Arts/Business Management program, she has held many important positions, all of them moved by a higher calling, all reaching the public in a practical way. "Ms. Reed," as everybody calls her, has been Administrator Assistant at A. C. Nielsen TV Ratings in New York City and Director of Continuing Education at SUNY Buffalo Dental School. She organized the annual convention at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, and received Dale Carnegie training to serve on the Speakers Bureau at the 1993 World University Games in Buffalo. She has served as the Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor of the Town of Aurora and been a member of the East Aurora Zoning Board. She was Secretary of New York State Natural Food Associates, an organization that helps growers convert to organic farming, find markets, organize conventions, and deal with media. Before coming to HHGW, she was the Buyer/Gift Shop Manager at East Aurora's ToyTown Museum and served on the Planning Board of the town's legendary ToyFest. "Now," she comments, "I'm enjoying my experience as Office Manager of HHGW. It's been a great ride so far!" For everybody else, too, Ms. Reed. And that's a beautiful thing.
Martha Bouquin
Webmaster, Marketing, Graphic Design
Martha has been a very happy member of the Haunted History Ghost Walk Team since 2011, providing support in website & graphic design, as well as other technical and event support. Born and raised in the Town of Aurora, she attended ECC and Canisius College. In the 1980s she worked throughout the US in the Marketing field of Desktop Publishing. After a 20-year relocation to Northern California's Redwood country, she returned to Western New York in 2007, living in her old family homestead.