Haunted History Ghost Walks

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Interest in the Paranormal...

reaches back through the beginning of time, from every culture in recorded history and beyond. The subject is exciting and mysterious. Who can you count on to pull it all together?

Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc.

Based in Buffalo NY, we offer tours throughout upstate New York, as well as lectures and events -- based on history, architecture, folklore, and parapsychology.

Our schedules include Canalside, East Aurora, The Supernatural Roycroft, Orchard Park, Allentown, Larkinville, Buffalo Theater District, Lewiston, Saratoga Springs and more!

Ghost walks, pub crawls or tours for your group or organization. Contact us at 716-655-6663.

Email us at: mailinglist@hauntedhistoryghostwalks.com.


Spirit Way Project Presents
A Celtic May Eve
Song, Ceremony, Story, & Verse
Sunday, April 30 2017
6-7:30 pm

Dard Hunter Hall
The Print Shop on the Roycroft Campus
21 South Grove St., East Aurora NY

Occultism, Adventure, Conspiracy... Party!!!
Owen Ó Súilleabháin (renowned Irish bardic singer/teacher) and author Mason Winfield lead a true Gaelic ceilidh (kay-lee), a multifaceted celebration of Celtic spirituality rekindling the light and warmth of the natural world. This communal event in honor of May Eve (Beltane) can be yet a deeply intuitive experience whose echoes carry into the coming season. Bring an offering for the Fair Folk!

Information: www.MasonWinfield.com calendar (716) 655-6663

More info HERE of FACEBOOK